CANPHEUS - Eine innere Welt öffnet sich


How to explain his own music? No way of it! Everyone feels it different, so that it is impossibble. We can explain you, how the creative process, the origin of the songs along with the intention and feeling level, proceeds.


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Songs are nothing else than emotional waves. Among Canpheus these waves flow spontaneously and unite, when we make music. The result is not always pleasing, but the first priority of Canpheus is: Change the origin less as possible. Keep its own dynamic and let it expand its full power. But how is it with every beast: It has to be tamed and conquered. This applies to the inner human beasts as well as to the songs themselves.

The taming take place by cages. They have to be big enough, so that the beast thinks, it would be in liberty. But it is free no more. Inseparably united with the cage it will grow and grow until the cage will be bursted open and the beast will be completed. 

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